Musician, Composer, Educator


A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Barbod Valadi brings an extensive range of styles and talents. Born in Tehran, he has a background in both Iranian Traditional music (Tar, Setar) and Jazz music (Guitar). A highlight of his repertoire is the fusion of traditional Persian music with contemporary jazz (Persian Jazz). Barbod has released six recordings including albums, EPs and singles. He has also collaborated with a diverse range of musicians and projects, as a guitarist and a freelance musician.

Having studied at the Queensland and Melbourne Conservatoriums, Barbod holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and postgraduate qualifications in Music.  He aims to forge pathways of unity between listeners of different cultural backgrounds, ultimately engendering better intercultural understandings. Barbod sees the musical exchange between cultures as a vital proactive step in a global world. 

Passion for New Music

“Barbod  with  many original approaches to improvisation and composition, and over the  last few years has crystallized them with a diverse group of backing  musicians into a unique ensemble, which blends the sounds of his  homeland with his passion for new music.” Head of Jazz Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University , Steve Newcomb

Highly Commended

Barbod’s work has been recognised in the 2020, Queensland Music Awards. His work, Blue Earth was highly commended in the World Music category. 

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